Four most valuable programs for Me

In this article I'll be not talking about a terminal emulator or a browser, it's just not much to do with a computer nowadays without them. Instead, I'd like to cover the following topics:

  • PDF annotation
  • Typing trainers
  • PDF editing

Xournal is a program I use not so often to fill in some PDF forms. They are not designed as PDF forms, they are just PDFs to fill in some information and put a signature. My process without a special program would be the following:

  1. Find a place to print a document (as I don't have a printer or MFD at home)
  2. Fill in and sign the document
  3. Scan a document somewhere (because smartphone photos are not good enough)

That's a loss of paper, time, and money. With Xournal and similar software, you can fill everything in the PDF and send it right away. I can't say whether there's an alternative for this program in Linux, it just works great. You can also create a signature in another program and insert it whenever you need it. In Europe, it works for most of the cases. By the way, I use xournal++ which is a fork of the original xournal.

Next, there are two programs I try to use daily, and using them is the simplest way to increase productivity. I'm talking about the typing trainers, I just search for them using the package manager in my distribution, so my findings are:

  • gtypist, it works in terminal
  • klavaro, a GUI app

I think that any app will do, you just need to install it and practice regularly.

And a bonus: if you need to edit PDF, LibreOffice Draw can do that!

@Konstantin Ovchinnikov
Tags: #productivity #linux