Reflecting on starting something new and big

Again sharing some thoughts that normally go to my private journal only. This time it's about starting some initiative in an unknown field and something large-scale. How do you feel about that? Here's what I feel:

  1. The idea itself seems fascinating at the very beginning, normally you do the following:
    • Write a general description, what's the problem and how you are going to resolve it
    • Break down the work into smaller chunks.
  2. It starts to feel boring just executing those 'smaller chunks'.
  3. It turns out that you underestimated the amount of time and effort required like 3x-5x.
  4. New ideas appear as you write, so you start to re-write, and you don't feel that you are moving forward.
  5. You feel that you are not able to get to the most exciting and rewarding part for a long time, and every day this moment is postponed: the moment when something starts to appear and work.
  6. You pray that all these ideas just let you go and you could get some sleep.
  7. Each day you feel guilty that you didn't contribute enough time and effort.

I've been through this several times, it's always like that and it's completely fine.

What helps?

  • Regular push-ups just to relieve the strain
  • Getting out for a walk
  • Taking time to think
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