Obsidian And Others

Nothing special, just everyone on YouTube admires Obsidian so much to manage knowledge and notes. The following table may be useful for someone. I got sick and recovered from personal wiki using Dokiwiki. And a few thoughts regarding these programs are below the table.

Functions Obsidian Logseq Emacs org roam Vimwiki Dokuwiki
Tasks Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Calendar Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Diary Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Relationship diagram Yes Yes Yes No No
Opensource No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Teamwork No No No No Yes
Size 221 Mb 190 Mb 305 kb 6,1 Mb 32 Mb
Markdown support Yes Yes No No No
Plugins Yes Yes No No Yes
Zettelkasten Yes Yes Yes Yes No

If you are still going to use Obsidian, just a reminder:

  • It's not opensource, so nobody can say, where this app sends your data to
  • There is a service to publish your notes, but it's not the same as a web app for team notes; it works vice versa: a web app (Dokuwiki, for example) can be installed on a local computer, as on a server but in personal mode
  • I didn't get the idea of the relationship diagram
  • Dokuwiki is just an example, some people recommend TiddlyWiki if you need Zettelkasten exactly
  • Vimwiki and Emacs can help a lot with Markdown files: adding links, tables, and lists

I'd also recommend the services with backups included vs. personal note-taking programs.

@Konstantin Ovchinnikov
Tags: #linux #productivity #emacs